fay skorda in zoga restaurant on tinos island

Fay Skorda at Zoga restaurant

The TV presenter Fay Skorda spent a few relaxing days on the exceptional island of Tinos in the well-known hotel complex of the Aeolis Tinos Suites.

She took the opportunity to enjoy her dinner in our restaurant that hosts unique dishes inspired by the Cycladic tradition. The dishes were prepared by chef Thanos Souras from the Zoga restaurant team.

Zoga has already been established as the absolute gastronomic origin on Tinos for this summer. Fay Skorda was delighted by the hospitality and the people of the Aeolis and Zoga, she relaxed, enjoyed herself, and at the very end took a picture of them together as a keepsake.

Our dearest Fay, we are looking forward to your next visit!

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