best restaurants awards 2022

FNL Best Restaurant Awards 2022

The ultimate gastronomic encounter of the summer!

It could have been referred to as the summer’s significant transition. Famous chef Tassos Mantis and head chef Dimitris Vratsidis, come together from “Summer Senses Luxury Resort” in Paros, to Zoga of Tinos, which was recently named one of the top restaurants in contemporary Greek cuisine for 2022 at the FNL Best Restaurant Awards 2022.

The BEST RESTAURANT AWARDS was established in 2016 supported by a multi-skilled committee of restaurant critics and food bloggers, to respected journalists and foodies from the world of gastronomy. It is an important and legitimate institution that awards the best restaurants in Athens, Salonika, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, the Cyclades, and the Ionian islands with stars each year.
And so, Zoga was amongst the establishments that stood out in the Cyclades and was awarded a star since it excelled in its category as an extra fine and distinguished dining space. Its rich cuisine, its fresh raw materials, the refined flavour of its dishes, the remarkable and unique environment, the courtesy, and the service of its staff was what impressed the critics who awarded it with this special award.

Tassos Mantis began his culinary career in Greece as a key member of the Funky Gourmet team and after touring a number of awarded European kitchens –Peter Goossens’ legendary (3 star Michelin) Hof Van Cleve in Brussels, the (three-star Michelin) Geranium in Copenhagen, and the (three-star Michelin) Frantzen in Stockholm, he returned to Greece to take the helm of the one-star Michelin restaurant, Hytra.

As of this summer, Tassos Mantis will be the one curating Zoga’s menu. By his side, head chef Dimitris Vratsidis with whom he has previously joined forces with great success last summer in the “Summer Senses Luxury Resort” in Paros.

At Zoga, situated within the premises of the Aeolis Tinos Suites, the famous chefs Tassos Mantis and Dimitris Vratsidis unite in a wonderful unique choreography of delicious gastronomic pleasures. Under the unequalled starlit sky of the Aegean, that only the privileged of Zoga can relish.

Tassos Mantis’ contemporary Greek cuisine, laden with herbs and spices obtained from the Greek countryside, our head chef Dimitris Vratsidis who gives his all, and the superb service that only Zoga”s personnel can provide, all combine to create perfect harmony. Innovative dishes of superlative gastronomic ingenuity and with references to the domestic rich soil will parade in front of you on Zoga’s breathtaking balcony of the Aegean. As the night unfolds, chef Dimitris Vratsidis will continue to send out outstanding products inspired by Tassos Mantis himself.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Zoga at the Aeolis Tinos Suites where you will be able to sample rare delicacies that are consistent with the rich Greek gastronomic culture. All you have to do is succumb to the seduction of the flavours!


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