mick jagger in a speedboat in greece

Mick Jagger on Tinos Island

Mick Jagger, one of the greatest rock stars of all time, was spotted on the Greek island of Tinos, in August 2018.

Mick Jagger chose to dine with friends at a restaurant located in a mountain village of Tinos (could it be that it was Zoga in the mountain village of Triantaros?). Among the group was his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick and the famous British painter Lucian Freud with his companion.

Eye witnesses reported that Jagger was friendly, relaxed and was sharing jokes with other diners.

On Thursday the rocker was spotted leaving the island of Tinos on a private yacht. Greek media say that the next stop on his Aegean island itinerary is Antiparos, where he is to be a guest of a Greek London-based businessman.

mick jagger on tinos island in greece

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