Giannis Latsios in Zoga restaurant

γιαννης λατσιος

Giannis Latsios in Zoga restaurant

Giannis Latsios spent his summer vacation at his favourite hotel complex of Aeolis Tinos Suites on the beautiful island of Tinos. Tinos, and not only, is one of Yannis ideal summer destinations since it gives him the chance to escape from his stressful job and the reality of television for a while.

During his stay on Tinos, it was not a few times that Giannis Latsios tried Zoga’s cuisine and the unique dishes inspired by the delicious tradition of Tinos and Greece.

Fresh fish directly from the Aegean fishing boats along with the local products that are mostly organically grown, are served directly on your dish of choice at Zoga’s. Of course Giannis Latsios did not miss the opportunity to accompany his choices with the finest bottles from Zoga’s rich wine cellar.

In the end, feeling completely satisfied, Giannis left but not without first thanking the restaurant’s chef for the delicious experience he was offered during his vacation.

giannis latsios

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