louza tinos

Louza from Tinos


Tinian louza, an exceptional Tinian treat made of lean pork meat (sirloin) and spices.

The meat rests in salt for 2-3 days and is then immersed in red wine seasoned with pepper, all-spice, fennel, cloves and savory, and hung in order to dry and mature for 20 to 25 days. It is then refrigerated and as time passes, it discards its moisture allowing for the meat to harden and become more intense in flavour.

Its taste is finer than other sausages such as the Cretan “apaki” or bacon. It is cut in very thin slices and can be consumed raw with cherry tomatoes, tender lettuce, a piece of soft goat cheese, be used in pies or served with potato salad not to mention as a topping in omelets like the Tinian louza omelet which is available in our restaurant.

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